Thursday, July 3, 2014

Preview of Google Classroom

A short video by the Google Gooru.

The Google Gooru has a great video about Google Classroom for Apps for Education.  In the video, he demonstrates the following: 

How the teacher can:   

  • create a classroom a classroom
    • the teacher can share the classroom code and the students can enroll themselves
    • the teacher can manually add the students into the classroom.
  • create and send an assignment to the students
  • create a document template directly from Drive
  • send and share the document template with the students, via view only, edit, make a copy options
  • comment on a document
  • grade the document
  • return the document
How the student can:
  • enroll in the class
  • view comments on a document from a teacher
  • view the grade on a document
  • reply to an assignment
At this time, Google Classroom does not offer rubrics along with the assignment, as Goobric does. In addition, it does not allow the teacher to have access to the student document or assignment once the teacher sends it out.  If a teacher and student need to collaborate on a document. the student would have to share it with the teacher.

It does make the workflow easier with managing assignments and grading because it eliminates the workflow of shared classroom folders.  Google Classroom features remind me of Edmodo.  Although Classroom is still in beta, I would hope they would enhance it be allowing student/teacher collaboration and rubrics to be attached to the assignments.  

They are planning to roll out Classroom by September, some are even saying by August.  Meanwhile, I hope to receive my invitation to "play" with it.  For more information visit Google Classroom

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