Sunday, November 2, 2014

Are you stuck using iTunes? Think Again!

Scenario:  You always owned an iPod and purchased and downloaded all of your music through iTunes. Now, you hundreds of songs in iTunes, but you want to change to a droid device.  How do you get all of your music from iTunes onto a new droid device?  

Well, that scenario was me.  I wanted to purchase a droid device to become familiar with another type of device, but I found myself in this situation.  All I can say, thank goodness for Google Play Music Manager!  

Note:  These steps were performed on a Windows 7 computer using Chrome.

Here is what I did:  
  1. First, you must create a Google account.  
  2. Then, on your computer that has your iTunes library, download and install an application called Google Play Music Manager.  
  3. Once it is installed, go to Google Play Music 
  4. click on the 'Add Music' button
  5. select 'from your computer'
  6. select 'My Music' folder
  7. select 'iTunes'
  8. select 'iTunes Media'
  9. select  'Music', then find the artist's folder and select the song, click on 'Open'.  The song will be added to your Google Play music library.
That's it!  Enjoy your music on your droid device!!! I know I will!

If the music file does not upload into your library, you may have to convert the track to a supported file type.  For example, if you wanted to upload your audio CD into your Google Play music library, you would have to convert the audio track to a mp3 track.  I recommend downloading and install a free application called Format Factory

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