Friday, November 14, 2014

Move from Expressions Web to Google Sites

Many teachers use Microsoft Word to modify their webpages, while others use Expressions Web. Since both of these applications are installed and accessible on a computer,  many teachers who were issued Google Chromebooks cannot update their webpage on their Chromebook..  They need to use their Windows computer to update their school webpage.

However,  I figured out a way of how teachers are able to take their webpage from Expressions Web and convert it into a Google Site.

Here are the directions:

Web Expressions

  1. Go to the computer that has Web Expressions on it.
  2. Click on 'File' and 'Open'
  3. Browse for the index.html file in the www_pub folder 
  4. The index.html file will be displayed on your screen.
  5. Click on 'Panels' on the menu bar.
  6. Toward the bottom of the screen, about half way down, click on the 'Compatibility' tab
  7. Click on 'Code' to display the html code for the webpage.
  8. Select all the text by performing a 'CTRL + A' on the keyboard.
  9. Copy the highlighted text by performing a 'CTRL + C' on the keyboard.
Google Sites
  1. Login to your Google Account
  2. Click on the Apps Launcher and select 'Sites' 
  3. Click on 'Create'
  4. Select 'Blank Template'
  5. Give your website a name, for example: Mrs. Mattina, 6th Gr ELA
  6. Select a theme
  7. Click on 'Create' to create the website
  8. Once completed, the site will be displayed.
  9. Select the 'Edit' button to edit the page, as shown below.

      10.  Click on 'HTML' on the tool bar

     11.  Paste the HTML code by performing a 'CTRL + V' on the keyboard.
     12.  If you receive a message about the HTML content will be modified, click 'ok'
     13.  All of the HTML code should appear on your screen.

At this point, you can create pages, include navigation, a sitemap, a header, and much more. 

I would recommend the following for your page settings:
  • disable the page title option
  • disable the show links to sub-pages option
  • disable allow attachments option
  • disable allow comments option

That's it! You just converted your webpage from Expressions Web into a website using Google Sites.  

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