Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hooray for Digital Portfolios!

A portfolio is a collection of work that has been processed over time and stored in a manila folder.  However, a digital portfolio is a collection of files stored on your computer or online, and displayed in an electronic format.  A collection of files can include, but not limited to, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, graphic organizers, videos, audio, online tools, websites, and blogs.

I require all 8th grade students at the William Davies Middle School to create a digital portfolio for Technology Literacy.  This process makes it much easier for me to grade each student on Technology Literacy.  The requirements are based from the NJTAPIN rubric from the NJ Department of Education

During the course of their 8th grade school year, the students must complete assignments or projects that must include the following tasks:

Word Processing:
  • Advanced Formatting, Graphics, Citations, Mail Merge
  • Includes Data, Chart/Graph, Function/Formula
  • Create a Database, Search a Database
  • Text, Graphics, Sound, Animation
Graphic Organizer
Links to Web Assignments

These tasks are completed throughout the school year. Students will integrated these tasks in their assignments for all their classes. Toward the end of the school year, I will grade each student on Technology Literacy and use their digital portfolio as a reference. Since there are over 300 8th grade students, this process usually takes me about 6-8 weeks to complete.

I am introducing the digital portfolios to students now, so that they are aware of the purpose and take the responsibility to complete the portfolio. I recommended to the students that as soon as they complete an assignment in one of their classes, to include it into the portfolio immediately.

Here is a copy of the digital portfolio template. I chose to create the template in PowerPoint because most students feel comfortable with that application. However, I do give them the option of choosing a different tool for their portfolio, but I stress the importance of making sure they provide me with the necessary information and requirements.

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