Friday, December 19, 2014

Tech Tip: How to use an external webcam on a Chromebook

I participated in a Mystery Skype connection and did not want to use my traditional laptop.  I have an external Logitech webcam that is great, but I wanted to use my Chromebook for the Mystery Skype connection.  My problem was, the Chromebook does not have a rear facing camera.  So, +Joe Knopp found a way to make it work!

In order to use an external webcam on your Chromebook, you must perform the following:

  • plug in  your webcam into the Chromebook
  • open up your browser, Google Chrome
  • go to the Menu at the top right corner
  • select 'Settings'
  • select 'Show advanced settings'
  • in the Privacy section, click on 'Content settings'
  • scroll down to the Media section, and select the webcam in the Camera drop down list box

Now your external webcam will work on your device.

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  1. Great to know! May use this at some point.