Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday: Experiment with KaHoot!

Are you looking for an interactive game based assessment application that can be used with your students? Well, try KaHoot! It can be accessed from a mobile or any other device. Note: I was able to find the app on the Google Play Market, not in the Apple store.

Visit https://getkahoot.com/ to sign up for an account and to create your assessment
  • What is it?  A game based learning application
  • Teachers needs to create an account, which is FREE.

Teachers will:

  • create the game based assessment
  • When the teacher launches the game, a code will be generated. This is your game pin.


    • The teacher will share the game pin with the class and the students will join the game.
  • need to project the questions on the board or big screen for the class to see.

Students will:

  • enter the game pin on their device
  • enter their nickname
  • respond to the questions on their device
  • only see the choices on their device, not the questions

Additional Information

Teachers can:  

  • get feedback and results from the game for the students.
  • preview the game before sharing it with students
  • set a time for each question to be displayed

  • Types of assessments:  quiz, poll, discussion
  • Pictures or videos can be included in the questions.
  • Each game can be edited, deleted, duplicated, or shared on social media