Monday, February 15, 2021

Black History Month Virtual Gallery


February is Black History Month and to support and celebrate it, I decided to create a virtual museum using CoSpaces.  Staff at my school need to, who opted in, create a short video on their role model, in which it was and will be shared with the students on the school channel each morning.  The information was saved in a Google Sheet.

So, I decided to take the role models that were submitted and make a virtual museum, showcasing each person with their picture and facts about their contribution, accomplishment or milestone to the African American community.  Additionally, I created a 20 question Google Forms quiz to make students accountable while viewing the virtual gallery.  

As I mentioned, I used CoSpaces to create a 360°  virtual reality tour that mimics a museum.  I used a building template that was available in the CoSpaces library.  First, I found pictures and facts of each role model that was in the Google Sheet.  I uploaded the pictures into the project then placed them into the building.  I resized them and the text to fit proportionally on the wall.  

Next, I changed the appearance of the walls in each room by adding color and texture. I also added wall art to fill in the empty spaces.  On the outside of the virtual museum, I changed the texture of the wall to bricks and added more wall art. I included my school symbol, the paw print, and a sign for the building.  Then, I added some characters into each room, some were animated, and some were not, to make the experience more authentic.  

Finally, the placement of the camera was a bit challenging.  I did not know where to place the camera.  Every time I played the scene, the camera was not in a place where it would allow me to easily see the entire tour.  Also,  at first, I was not able to pan through the tour.  Then, I discovered the 'orbit' mode on the camera and that solved that issue.  The orbit setting allowed me to move through the virtual museum as if I was walking.  It made all the difference in the world.  Afterwards, I found placing the camera high above the building was the best placement for the students to be able to view the entire building.

So far, I received a lot of positive feedback.  I am so glad I was able to created a resource that both the teachers and students enjoyed.  I can't wait to create my next project. 

Check out my virtual museum.  Click the link or view it within the blog post. 

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