Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Digital Learning Day

Did you know on February 5, 2014 is Digital Learning Day?  This is a day about giving every child the opportunity to learn in a digital environment. Whether it is using desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices or tablets.  It is a day to encourage students to use technology effectively to help improve education and to ensure students are ready to use and apply 21st century skills and tools in their daily lives.

The Digital Learning Day website has many resources to help teachers and parents introduce and encourage students to implement the use of technology.  Here is a list of ideas that will help you get started to promote Digital Learning Day.

In addition, you can find lesson plans, classroom resources by subject, and a list of free digital tools.  I will write about a few of the free tools below.  Plus, I intend to use the free digital tool list and learn the tools I do not know.

1.   Voki.- Students love this tool! It will allow them to create a speaking avatar.  They can use this in any subject for book reviews, tutorials, biographies, and many more.  They can even copy and paste the embed code from this tool and insert it into a wiki, blog, or website.

2.GoogleLit Trips - will bring characters from literature to life by documenting their journey. It allows students to virtually follow along with a book they are reading.   I will be encouraging teachers at my school to use this tool as a guide for their novels.

3.  Quizlet - Offers flash cards, practice quizzes, and games to help students study.  Plus it has the ability to collaborate to assist in the studying process.  This is a popular tool and is user friendly for both teachers and students.

These are just a few tools that can be used everyday, but especially on February 5, 2014, Digital Learning Day.  I plan to encourage staff with Digital Learning Day, by reaching out to them, showing them how to use it in their lessons and to reinforce the importance of using and learning new tools in our daily lives. 

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