Thursday, May 8, 2014

Introducing Edmodo Snapshot



Edmodo has a new feature included in their application, called Snapshot.  It is a free service that will allow you to create quizzes for math and language that are aligned with Common Core Standards.

All you do is click on ‘Snapshot’ from the menu bar, then select a group you want to give the assessment to, specify the grade level, subject area, due date and time limit of the assessment, as shown below.


Once this is completed, select the topic and the standards you would like to target.  Edmodo will generate random questions that meet the standards.  It will list the standards and will provide you with the number of questions in the assessment.


At this point, you can preview the questions, schedule it to send out later, or assign it to the group now.  Once the Snapshot is assigned, you will be able to generate reports and monitor student progress on completion.

It is very quick and easy to create quizzes that are aligned with the Common Core Standards.  If you are an Edmodo user, this feature will just enhance your virtual classroom.

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