Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday: Two New Features of KaHoot!

First, Kahoot now offers, rich text editing!

You can now create questions & answers with:

  • Basic mathematical notation such as Subscript2, Superscript2 and Special Characters
  • Emphasized words or phrases with Bold or Italics
  • Other Special Characters including Greek and Latin

How does it work?  It works very much the same as any text editing software, such as Microsoft Word. When creating or editing a Kahoot from a laptop or desktop web browser, you will see an additional panel of buttons appear when you place your cursor into the question or answer fields, looking like this:

For more information on this feature, visit Post with Rich Text Editing.

Second, Kahoot will allow you to "kick" out inappropriate names in the session.  Once the student enters an appropriate name, you can click on it in the lobby area, and it will prompt you to remove it.  The student's device screen will turn red and kick them out of the session.  

For more information about this feature, visit  How to Kick out Inappropriate Nicknames


  1. Have you tried PearDeck as a response system? Wondered how different it was from Kahoot.

    1. Hi Barbara, I never tried PearDeck, so I am not sure how the two compare either.