Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday: Build with Chrome

Build with Chrome

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Did you know Google offers an application called, Build with Chrome, where you can build LEGO bricks using Google Maps as your base template?

There are three modes, Explore all Builds, Build Academy, and Start Build.


Explore All Builds
  • Allows you to explore buildings, even 2D structures, vehicles, characters, and random objects on a Google Map.
  • Each object is categorized.
  • You are able to zoom in/out of the map.
  • You can search by the most popular structures, your own structures, and publish them to Google Plus.


Build Academy
  • Allows you to master your building skills by completing challenges.
  • Provides practice and training to build structures in various locations.
  • Will provide you with different tips and tricks to use for your structure


Start Build
  • Allows you to be a build a structure using your own creativity and imagination.
  • Allows you to publish your structure to a Google Map using your account.

This application will allow you to:
  • select different color LEGO pieces
  • select a variety of LEGO pieces to include in your structure
  • rotate the piece
  • zoom in/out of the structure
  • rotate and display your structure in 3D on a Google Map
  • easy to add and remove LEGO pieces from your structure


Here is the information about my structure:

Students can:
  • apply critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • can easily adapt
  • use their imagination and creativity to produce a structure, town, or city
  • contribute to building a community with other users
  • collaborate and share their communities
  • publish their structure to a Google map using their Google account
  • apply mathematical, architecture, engineering skills

Classroom Ideas:
  • create an eco-friendly, “green” community
  • narrate a tutorial on building a structure using the application
  • recreate a historical  landmark
  • sort pieces to reinforce mathematical skills

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