Monday, April 14, 2014

Follow Up Post: Behind the Scenes with Google Sites

This is a follow up post to Behind the Scenes with Google Sites.  Students in Mrs. Brown's 8th grade Language Arts class at the +William Davies Middle School were assigned an anti-bullying campaign assignment in which they had to showcase their campaign in a website.   As a Technology Integration Coach, I taught all her classes a lesson on Google Sites and I also followed up with her classes once they started the website, so they can ask me any technical questions about the application. They were able to apply all of the concepts I taught them, and even added some features of their own.  Here are a few samples of their project.

I am very proud of all the students who used Google Sites to complete this project.  Everyone did a great job working together, organizing the information, and setting up the website layout.  I am happy to have been apart of this assignment.

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