Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to: Apply for Google Certified Trainer

Currently, I am in the process of applying for Google Certified Trainer.  There are many requirements that are needed to be completed, such as :

  • Google Educator Status by passing 5 exams. You must pass all 5 Qualification Exams, which can be found at the Google Training Site.  The certificate must be uploaded when submitting the application.
  • Case Study with training resources and experiences 
  • 2 Minute Video showcasing your training skills.  The video must be public and published to YouTube.
  • Record of training experiences or sessions 
  • Resume 
  • 3 References from those you have trained 
  • Links to your site(s), blog(s), social media, etc. 

Here is my short 2 minute video that I just completed: 

My perspective on being a Google Certified Trainer:

I am hopeful that I will meet all of the requirements to obtain this status.  I am very eager to become a Google Certified Trainer.  I would like to be a Google Certified Trainer because teaching is my passion, especially technology. I love teaching students, staff, and people of all ages!  I am proud of my students and staff when I witness them implementing and using a Google app or concept that I taught them.  I want to share my experiences, and enthusiasm with everyone and I want people to realize that Google is not just a search engine.   In addition, I feel I can be an asset to the Google community by sharing and expressing my experiences.  However, in order for me to be the best I can be, it is important for me to be a student of the Google community as well, and learn from other trainers and their experiences.

I recently submitted my application and I hope to hear an answer if I was accepted by the end of May. Being hopeful and positive.  

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