Friday, April 25, 2014

Internet Safety and Academic Resources Presentation

Tonight, I had the pleasure of presenting information about Internet Safety and Academic Resources to the +William Davies Middle School parents.  It was a great session.  The parents shared their experiences regarding social media, and internet safety, specifically addressing experiences and/or concerns pertaining to their children. They shared some great ideas on how they monitor their children online.  One parent said, she gets an email forwarded to her every time her child creates an online account.  She sets the filter and notifications through her comcast account settings.

In addition, we had a discussion about some of the most dangerous apps that are available to download.  Some apps that were mentioned were Yik Yak, Whisper, SnapChat, and Down.  It was a true learning experience.  I stressed the importance of communication, monitoring activity, and privacy settings on social media.

Below is my presentation.  Please use this information and discuss it with your children.  I hope I have enlightened you about Internet Safety and the importance of communication with your children about Internet Safety.

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