Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to use Flubaroo

Flubaroo is a script that will run in a Google Spreadsheet that will grade an assessment in minutes! Yes, I said minutes!  Plus it is FREE!

First, you must sign into your Google account and create an assessment using Google Forms. When creating an assessment, I recommend that you always prompt the user to enter their first and last name.   Once this is completed, the teacher must complete the assessment and enter ANSWER KEY into the first and last name.  That way it is easy recognizable to select the correct responses when setting up the Flubaroo configuration.

Next, you must install the script on the responses spreadsheet, (this is the spreadsheet that is generated from the Google form, which has all of the user's responses to the assessment).  Initialize the settings in the script to select the answer key, and amount of points the questions are worth.  Once this is done, run the script and it will grade the responses.  The script will create a new spreadsheet with the grades.  At this point, you can send an email notification to students that the assessment was graded.  That's it! Fast and easy grading.

Here is a short video on using Flubaroo.

I inserted a few instructions below on installing and grading with Flubaroo.  

Instructions to install Flubaroo:

  • Must Install the script first on the response sheet:
    • Select ‘Tools’ ‘Script Gallery’ search for ‘Flubaroo
    • Click ‘Install
    • Click ‘Continue’ to authorize
    • Click ‘Accept’ Flubaroo permissions
  • A green status bar will appear saying ‘Installed’
  • Close the window

Grading with Flubaroo:
  • Select ‘Flubaroo’ on the menu bar in the spreadsheet
  • Select ‘Grade Assignment
  • Assign the points to each question
  • Select ‘Continue
  • Select ‘Answer Key’ response from the list
  • Select ‘Continue
The grading will begin and a new sheet is created called ‘GRADES’.

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